Workplace design trends: 5 Ways to Create a Flexible Workspace

Posted on June 27, 2019

In the era of increased mobility and technology, any space can become a workspace, especially for those that are truly embracing the trend and appreciate this new age of flexible working. Business leaders today are straying from the traditional workplace and moving towards spaces that harbor free flow and creativity. In creating a flexible, fluid space, you can better utilize every square foot, thus fostering creativity and productivity. As this trend continues to rise, we’ve identified five things you can do to start creating your flexible workspace:

  1. Keep high traffic areas free from workspaces

Certain areas in the office should remain free of workplaces, such as the area near copy machines, breakrooms, restrooms, and elevators/stairs.

  1. Create ‘Quiet Zones” and Designated ‘Call Rooms’

Designating a room or an area in the office as a “quiet space” where there are no phone calls, music, conversations, etc. allowed provides employees with a space to focus free from distractions.

  1. Utilize Spaces Natural Lighting

In the initial design of the space, look for ways to bring in more natural light. Studies have shown that incorporating natural light into the workplace leads to overall enhanced employee satisfaction, increased productivity and improved energy savings. A win-win for all.

  1. Install curtains/moveable screens as walls

Curtains or screens give you the ability to block off areas and give staff the appearance of a room within a room. This is ideal for meetings or situations where employees need an area for more focused work and can easily be opened back up once completed.

  1. Add adaptable furniture/storage spaces

To accommodate the flexibility of the space, opt for high-back sofas, couches that are comfortable and chairs that have reclining adjustments. Choosing furniture that has the ability to create spaces and conform to spaces is key to achieving a flexible workspace. In addition to the seating arrangement, including adequate, secure storage, such as a rolling file cabinet, for those employees that have too much paperwork to cart around.

Looking to create a flexible workspace but don’t know where to start? Reach out to our construction and design experts so we can help you create your ideal office space.