Combating Summeritis: 3 Ways to Keep Office Tenants Engaged

Posted on July 30, 2019

When the thermostat reaches a certain temperature, it can be challenging to maintain motivation. With those sunny lunch breaks and longer days, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to stay inside and get things done. To help cure the common condition known as ”summeritis,” here are some tried and true ways you can help your office tenants stay on track during the summer months.

Community Events

A dynamic event can not only help strengthen a community but also boost satisfaction with your building overall. If you’re unsure of where to start when planning an event, keep in mind that food is ALWAYS a good idea. To throw a stress-free community event, consider something simple like hosting a local food truck in your building’s parking lot or providing ice cream in the lobby for a refreshing midday treat. Providing tenants with the opportunity to have fun lunch options as well as get outside and interact with one another.

If you have the bandwidth to take your events one step further consider hosting a summer BBQ with additional outdoor games and activities. Alternatively, if your property has the space available, throw out the idea of hosting a monthly farmer’s market. Which is a great way to engage your tenants, allow them to shop locally on their break, and support your local businesses, enhancing your reputation along with tenant morale.

Providing a variety of health-driven events such as outdoor fitness classes that tenants can opt to join is also a great way to boost productivity. 69% of businesses that implemented healthy building features reported improvements in employee satisfaction and engagement. If your space permits it, opting to host these activities outdoors is not only the perfect way for tenants to enjoy the summer weather and take a break from the office air but for you to implement healthy features without the cost of altering your existing space.

Increased Flexibility

Typically, our buildings have set start times when tenants are allowed to enter the premise and begin work. However, in the summer months, those times should be more flexible. By enabling tenants and employees to work flexible hours means that when they show up, they’ll get things done. Rather than sitting watching the clock, team members will be able to come in earlier than usual and complete their projects with more time to enjoy the evening and summer activities.

Outside of just schedules, make your work more flexible by taking it mobile. For instance, try suggesting walking meetings. Dependent on your location, walking meetings are the perfect opportunity to promote a change of pace (literally) and get a breath of fresh air. Walking meetings allow tenants to get the blood flowing and the conversations started, forcing staff to step away from the computer and out of the office for some fresh air and fresh perspective.

Run a Building Wide Summer Contest

Host a photo contest either internally or through the help of social media. Ask tenants to share photos of their summer activities and then create a fun contest for the building members to vote on the most adventurous activity. Alternatively, you could host a contest for tenants to post photos of their cookouts to vote for the best summer BBQ meal. Outside of bragging rights, you could offer winners a small prize such as tickets to a ball game or outdoor concert.

Looking for more ways to motivate your tenants this summer? Take a look at Friedman’s Tenant Surprise videos to get some out of the box ideas.

Will Lund
Director of Commercial Property Management