Waretech Office Park

Waretech Office Park

  • 7075 S Dort Hwy | Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Property Type: Industrial
  • Size: ±671,000
  • Assignment Type: Facility Management


Waretech suffered from 3 major issues: An older, leaky roof, improper drainage around the perimeter of the building and damaged interior concrete.


Friedman and its facility team value engineered a partial roof replacement saving our client over $1 million.  We also re-engineered storm water drainage at the problem areas that alleviated the water infiltration.  The interior concrete issue we determined was caused by the tenant’s operations and thus made them responsible for the repairs.


The first two projects were completed at a significantly reduced cost when compared to engineering estimates.  The third project required us to analyze the problem, determine why it was occurring that ultimately led to the tenant being held responsible for repairing the deteriorated concrete.