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Gasser Bush Associates

30984 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI

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Gasser Bush Associates30984 Industrial Road
Livonia, MI
Property type Office
Size 9,000
Assignment type
Construction & Design,
Workplace Solutions

CHALLENGES: Friedman’s Construction and Design team was retained by Gasser Bush Associates to transform their office building into a fresh and creative work space, that also acts as a showroom for clients. The original work space featured old built-in place work stations that didn’t encourage collaboration and offered little room for departmental growth or downsizing needs. The lobby lacked functionality, thus was rarely used and included a large door that closed off the rest of the office. The overall office space didn’t showcase their lighting products and therefore lacked the capability to host clients. In the past clients would meet off site rather than at Gasser Bush’s Office.

SOLUTIONS: For this project, the Construction and Design team worked on reconfiguring the entire space, offering full-service design build, restructured drainage, and updated the interior design of the work space.

ENHANCEMENTS INCLUDED: Reconfiguring the lobby into a lounge which is connected to the wet bar, located next to the large conference room and the small conference room.
The kitchen offers a garage door so the patio and the kitchen are connected. The garage door can be opened to bring the outside in and can be used for larger events. A private/quiet room was also added to be used for mothers or a private space for employees if needed. The workspace area was made to be more open, create space for growth, and showcase lighting features around the office.

RESULTS: The re-design of the lobby space is now functional to hold large client meetings and features areas for collaborative work and can still be used as a waiting/ reception area. The large conference room and wet bar area feature glass sliding doors so clients can see the lighting displays regardless if the doors are closed or open. The work space area now offers room for growth, downsizing needs and promotes collaboration within the company. Clients can now view Gasser Bush products while visiting the office and there is room to host large conferences and events.