7 Ways to Promote Health and Wellness Amongst Your Tenants

Posted on October 14, 2019

Throughout their lifetime, the average person spends nearly 90,000 hours at work. So, it’s essential to think about ways to make a difference in your tenant’s lives. Every year around October, Friedman dedicates an entire week to promoting and educating our staff on all the health and wellness options that are available to them. In honor of Friedman’s wellness week, we’ve compiled a list of building features and property amenities you can integrate into your space to promote health and wellness to your tenants.

  1. Fitness Center/Classes
  2. The physical and mental benefits of exercise have a profound impact on the overall productivity and performance of employees in the workforce. That’s why there has been a growing trend in fitness centers making their way into buildings. If you can’t add a gym to your building, another way to bring on-demand health and fitness options to your tenants is by bringing in on-site fitness classes such as yoga, meditation, or boot camp classes.

  3. Create Outdoor Areas
  4. Offering your tenants access to outdoor space can drastically improve morale, collaboration, ideation, as well as various other benefits and a considerable advantage to future tenants. If space permits, this can include walking trails, bike paths, or even just outdoor seating for lunch and other breaks. In larger cities where ground-level space may be limited, designing a rooftop patio or deck is a great alternative to give tenants a chance to get some fresh air.

  5. Green Space
  6. If you can’t create outdoor areas for tenants, bring the outdoors inside. Along with the obvious benefit of improving the overall air quality, the presence of green space can help relieve mental fatigue leading to improved work performance and overall employee health and happiness. The existence of even a single plant or other green amenities in the office is also proven to reduce stress levels, improve employee moods and reduce the amount of noise within the space, thus creating a better work environment. Opt to install greenery into lobby’s or within suites and if that’s not an option, bring in some plants for each office.

  7. Quiet Rooms
  8. One quick and easy way to help tenants in reducing daily stresses and regroup is to create a space where they can carve out 10-15 minutes to sit and relax, meditate, and have distraction-free time. If you have space, offer your tenants a private lounge area where they are free to be without disruption. In doing this, you allow them to return to work with more energy and more focus than before.

  9. Wellness Incentives/Deals
  10. If you are unable to incorporate new amenities, a good alternative is to partner with local vendors and brands to bring wellness deals and programs to your tenants. For example, if you can’t add a fitness center, partner with a local gym to offer a promotional deal for membership or classes. Offer a tradeoff for their promotional discount, such as promoting their business, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

  11. Healthy Food Options
  12. If your building has a café area already dedicated for tenant use, bringing in rotating food vendors is a great way to give tenants new and exciting food options while keeping healthy dining options in mind. Rotating food options could include sandwich shops, build your own burrito bars, sushi counters, salad bars, or food trucks. Tenants may be in a rush in the morning and not have time to think about food options, bringing in healthy snack vendors, or even healthier vending machine options can make a big difference in the workplace.

  13. Health Driven Events
  14. The best way to promote health and wellness among your tenants is to inform them of what is available to them. Host a wellness fair where health professionals are on-site and ready to talk to tenants. Bring in guest speakers to have seminars on particular health topics. Offer preventative health checkups such as flu shot clinics during the winter months. To truly promote health and wellness, the most effective method is to showcase all available resources to them.

Do you have other ways you promote health and wellness to your team? Let us know!