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Metro Detroit could be the next US tech hub

January 10, 2019 |

Local business leaders overwhelmingly agree that Metro Detroit could be the next technology hub in the United States, according to the first survey of its kind from global management firm Accenture plc.

As Southeast Michigan attracts Silicon … Read More

What Digital Transformation Means For The Commercial Real Estate Practitioner

October 30, 2018 |

Digital transformation is all around us, in every facet of our lives. Software has changed the way we approach everything we do. Almost every question has its answer at our fingertips. When it comes to the digital transformation of … Read More

Home Automation Steps Beyond Tech-Savvy Renters by Delivering Critical Data to Multifamily Operators

September 21, 2018 |

Technology is more than mere luxury these days— it has become the be-all and end-all of our human experience, and in relation to the multifamily housing industries, it is what residents not only want, but also expect. In order to … Read More

How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Commercial Real Estate Investors

July 11, 2018 |

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are slowly changing the processes of buying and selling commercial real estate. Although widespread adaptation appears to be several years off, the application of new technology within commercial real estate appears inevitable and … Read More

Report Explores Technology’s Role in CRE Trends

October 27, 2017 |

Possibilities include wi-fi ads, multi-building green planning, even drone high-rises. The bank’s latest report details what’s still to come and what the industry’s disruptors will be.

The recently released 90-page report “Real Trends: The Future of Real Estate in the … Read More

Report: Tech jobs, Millennial population growing in Detroit area

August 8, 2017 |

We ranked #21 in Tech Talent!

It’s easy to see how downtown Detroit has changed in the past five years. Buildings that long sat vacantare now filled with workers, residential units fill up quickly, and companies continue to move officesdowntown. The tech market … Read More

What’s next for office technology?

July 21, 2017 |

Technology may be about to revolutionise the face of the modern office, affecting everything from how we work to what we work on.

In offices today, we’re surrounded by technology – but in many ways little has changed since the … Read More

Smaller U.S. Cities Joining Technology Boom

July 18, 2017 |

Increasingly, tech firms are bypassing celebrated traditional locations in favor of cities which are not typically associated with the technology sector.

Technology hubs are no longer found only in large urban areas like San Francisco and New York City, as … Read More